Quindio, Sidamo


Jairo Arcila, Smallholder


Smallholder farms, Villarazo


1.400-1.450 m






Honey infused, Natural


Anaerobic Fermentation 72h

Fragancia y aroma

Cinnamon Bun

Tasting notes

cinnamon bun, stone fruit, sweet chocolate

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    This experimental and very special batch has been cultivated and created by Jairo Arcila on the Villarazo farm in the Department of Quindío, whose capital is Armenia, using tartaric acid and cinnamon sticks.

    The ripe cherries are picked by hand and on the same day they are transported to the “la Pradera” processing center, where they are placed in grain-pro bags and sealed to create an anaerobic environment (without oxygen) for the bacteria to begin the fermentation process, in order to control and stabilize the temperature during fermentation, the bags are placed in tanks with water for 8 hours, then the cinnamon sticks are added and gently stirred to avoid damaging the cherries.

    After 20 hours of fermentation, tartaric acid is added to accelerate fermentation and infuse the aroma of cinnamon into the coffee beans.

    After another 48 hours of fermentation, the cherries are pulped and dried on African beds until reaching a moisture content of 11%.

    This batch is a sample that there is still a lot to discover when it comes to the coffee process and all the new processing techniques.

    Some say that infused coffees do not come naturally, but since immemorial times coffee has been mixed with spices.
    For us at Coffee Lovers Roasters, this coffee is a wonderful sample of everything that is happening in the world of coffee and we let our customers judge and decide if this type of infused fermentation is worth it.

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