200 g




Pijao, Quindio


Felipe Arcila


Jardines del Eden


1900 – 2200 m






Washed + (Tartaric Acid/Cinnamon) anaerobic

Tasting notes

Almonds, Aromatic Spices, Caramel, Chocolate

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    About the Coffee

    This coffee was grown by Felipe Arcila on the Jardines Del Edén farm.
    This batch was exposed to a 48-hour dry anaerobic fermentation.
    During this fermentation period, dried cinnamon sticks were added to
    the anaerobic environment. The coffee was then gently washed away and
    placed on raised beds mixed with dehydrated mandarin peel underneath
    35ºC until the ideal moisture content is reached.

    This microlot is 100% Caturra. This variety is native to Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is a natural mutation of Red Bourbon. Caturra produces more coffee and is more resistant to plant diseases than Bourbon.

    The Producer

    Felipe Arcila is one of the co-founders of Cofinet along with his brother Carlos Arcila. They are the 4th generation of coffee growers. His father, Jairo Arcila, is a third-generation coffee grower from Quindío. Jairo told his children that the coffee industry was not profitable due to the many economic challenges he had faced in the past. Thanks to this advice, Felipe and Carlos promoted their careers in civil engineering and traveled to Australia to continue their master’s degrees.

    Felipe was amazed by the coffee culture he saw first-hand in Australia and was inspired to be a part of it. When Felipe finished his studies and returned to Colombia, he became more involved in coffee and began studying Specialty Coffee. Later, Felipe and Carlos bought Jardines del Edén, where they focus on growing exotic varieties of coffee. In 2015, Felipe and Carlos founded Cofinet and began producing, supplying and exporting Specialty Coffee to the rest of the world.

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