Explore my personally curated selection of exclusive Specialty Coffees from around the globe on our online shop.

The beans sampled and chosen for Coffee Lovers by Amilka Lee’s are selected with one goal in mind: creating a sensory experience in each cup. In this quest, I let my natural curiosity take me to small farms and producers who never fail to surprise me with their natural processed coffees, ripe with aroma, and their innovative farming and fermentation techniques. These are coffees well worth savoring.

Ours is a selection of coffees that will take you around the world from the comfort of your home. At Coffee Lovers by Amilka Lee, our Nordic roasting style strives to bring out the essence of each of our coffee lots.

For me, each brew entails a ritual that puts your skills to the test, challenging you to make the most of the final, roasted product. That is why I have created three categories that define the unique personality of each coffee: Single Origin, Limited Cup and The Sensei Experience.

Single Origin

The Single Origin coffee selection transports us to some of the world’s most popular coffee growing regions, known for their unique flavor profiles. It is an open invitation to rediscover the origins of coffee through small-scale, artisanal farms looking to return to the very essence of the fruit through more sustainable and humane agriculture. The result is a selection of coffees that highlight their particular varietal, the importance of terroir, as well as the coffee farmer’s know-how, which bring clarity and authenticity to the cup. If you long to rediscover coffee by returning to its primal origins, the Single Origin selection from Coffee Lovers by Amilka Lee is just your thing.

Limited Cup

I want you to enjoy the best Specialty Coffees in the world. And that is how Limited Cup from Coffee Lovers by Amilka Lee was born, bringing you limited edition micro lot beans from award-winning farms, some of which may have even won the prestigious Cup of Excellence. These superior coffees stand out for their high quality beans, which are evaluated through a cupping competition that brings together the world’s top experts in the field. But the award goes far beyond the brew, since Cup of Excellence recognizes the work that goes into farming and processing, as well as farmers’ efforts towards more ethical practices.

The Sensei Experience

I’m mad about coffee, and this madness drives me to experiment with every bean I lay my hands on. The Sensei Experience is my own selection of Specialty Coffees, in which I invite you to join me in a unique and transcendent coffee experience. Surprising origins, extreme lots, innovative processing, extravagant blends, impossible roasts… Step out of your comfort zone and embark on a sensory journey with your Sensei from Coffee Lovers by Amilka Lee. Dare to join me?