Amilka Lee

After 30 years in the hospitality industry, all I know is that I know nothing. It is this very truth that compels me to keep searching, learning, and experimenting with the hopes of becoming a little wiser each day. And that is how I earned my nickname: Coffee Sensei.

Professional standards, a knowledge of the trade, and extensive experience allow me to give the best of myself, be it as a coffee expert, seasoned barista or authorized SCA trainer.

Meet the sensei

SCA Training

The Specialty Coffee Association is the industry’s benchmark organization, bringing together the world’s best coffee producers, roasters, and baristas. As an authorized SCA trainer, I deliver certificate program courses in three formats: onsite, online or a combination of both.

Check out upcoming workshops and SCA certificate programs on our online shop or contact me directly if you need professional barista training tailored to your specific needs.

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