200 g




Nor Yungas, Uchumachi


Gonzalo Mamani


Familia Mamani


1500 m





Notas de cata

blueberries, floral, honey

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    Uchumachi is located an hour and a half drive from the Caranavi province of Bolivia, also known as the Coffee Capital. In Uchimachi, the Gonzalo family has been producing coffee since their grandparents’ generation.

    “The biggest challenge we faced was the unexpected coffee rust that caused crop loss for 10 years. During that time, we found alternative jobs to keep food on the family table. “As brothers, we went to the city to fix cars.”

    However, despite these difficulties, they never considered abandoning coffee production.

    “When you have a large farm, it is not easy to do other jobs to begin with, but we never thought of coffee production as something that tied us down or something that we felt tired of. We grew up watching our parents grow coffee, so it seemed natural that we would follow in their footsteps.

    Sometimes the grass can be greener on the other side. Has it ever crossed your mind to look for another job or other places?

    “Bolivia is a landlocked country, so since I had never seen the ocean, I traveled to see the Pacific Ocean. But visiting the ocean was strictly for fun. I never felt the need to “get away from reality” or “escape my world.”

    Above all, this job is exciting and I am constantly motivated to try new things. Coffee production is similar to playing sports, it requires constant care and when the growth is good, you feel good. On the other hand, when growth is not good, you feel dissatisfied. Therefore, for my own happiness, I always try to keep my coffee trees healthy.

    When you are on this farm and you get home tired, you can eat something from the trees or go swimming in the river. When you feel stress rising, you can play indoor soccer with your coworkers to let off steam. Regardless of any situation, it is important to stay happy. “

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