250 g




Cerrado Pantano, Cerrado Mineiro


Ignacio Carlos Urban


Rio Brilhante


1.150 m




Red Catuai NY 2/3



Notas de cata

chocolate, hazelnuts, vanilla

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    Inácio Urban, the founder of Rio Brilhante is of German origin. In 1980 he decided to become a coffee farmer from the Cerrado region. To begin with, I we have planted 20 hectares “to learn what it is as.” Over the past 40 years, I have acquired more new land to grow coffee. For now, too Inácio’s children, Erika and Fernando, joined his father in the management of the farm.

    Fazenda Rio Brilhante is located in a microregion called Pântano, in the state of Minas Gerais. Pântano is known for its very favorable climate for coffee production. The flat terrain allows a different way of cultivation compared to coffee trees growing on the mountainside. Trees can grow up to 3 meters high, which is unusual. The cost of labor in Brazil is much higher than in other producing countries and also in the flat topography of the Cerrado explains the use of mechanical harvesting in some plantations.

    Grevillea and mahogany trees are planted in the fields as natural dividers between different coffee plantations and preserve the biodiversity of the farm.

    Fazenda Rio Brilhante has been awarded for Rainforest Alliance and obtained the certification of the Regenerative Agriculture certificate.

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