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    Wete Ambela is a startup founded in 2018 that benefited from the ease of ECX regulation.

    Changes to ECX rules in 2017 made it relatively easier to obtain an export license allowing direct trading under the system. In 2020, the first Cup of Excellence competition was held, exciting buyers around the world, leading many producers and suppliers to start their own export businesses.

    The number of independent producers has increased in Ethiopia. While most Ethiopian coffee is produced in large batches of several hundred bags, many more are likely to be clearly labeled with the name of the farm or producer attached, as is the case in Central America, and there will be more diversity in the prosecution. methods and variety of coffees.

    Mekuria, one of the founders, has strong connections between small farmers and access to quality coffee over the years. There is something he has always valued: building a relationship of trust with producers. One of the most important things he has done to build trust with producers; He created a good living environment for small farmers.

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