250 g




Ngapani, Mangochi district


Sable Farms


Sable Farms


1200 m




Catuai, Baitan, Ruiru 11, SL28



Tasting notes

Black Currant, Cocoa, Licorice

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    About coffee

    The Sable Farms group represents two coffee plantations in the south and east of Malawi. The eastern estate is called Chipale, the southern one Ngapani. Combined, these two farms cover 574 hectares of coffee, making Sable Farms the largest coffee producer in Malawi. This batch of peaberries combines the production of both farms, since the exported coffee is separated into AA, AB and PB grades.

    In the conditioning containers, the parchment sits for approximately 3 to 4 weeks to stabilize the water activity and this contributes to long-lasting quality and vitality in the cup.

    Final drying is carried out to achieve a moisture content of 10.5%, after which the parchment is packed into 60 kg bags and then transported to Kahawa Bora Mill to be dry milled and prepared for shipment.

    The Ngapani and Chipale farms of the Sable Farms group truly are an example for coffee production both nationally and internationally. In a region with a poor infrastructure, without connection to the electricity grid and with uncertain access to water, the Ngapani farm is a coffee production operation fully irrigated by dripping. The farm built a school for the local community and through the sale of coffee they have been able to invest in a drinking water supply for the community and the farm. On its own, Ngapani Estate is the largest employer in the agricultural sector of the Mangochi district in Malawi. In total, saber farm employs 1,800 workers and maintains a permanent workforce of 70 people.

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