Reykjavik Coffeeplaylist - Te og Kaffi

Fourth and last of the Reykjavik Coffeeplaylist series. We conclude with Te og Kaffi a chain of specialty coffees in Iceland that I recommend in my post about Reykjavik best coffee houses on my blog (English) and in the blog that I collaborate (Spanish)

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his video was made in the rainy summer of 2018 by Dan Raspbery and is the second of five that we did that summer under the name COFFEE PLAYLIST 2018. COFFEE PLAYLIST is a project of CoffeeLovers by Amilka Lee about the third wave coffee houses that I visit on my coffee journey.

I am Amilka Lee, a coffee lover and the founder of Dan, a barista and photographer, is my friend and together we worked as baristas in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 2017/2018.

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