COFFEELOVERS #2 Røasters home.

Røasters home.

In March of 2017 I had the opportunity to visit the Nomad, Roasters Home, before leaving for Iceland for the second time, to meet Mariëlla in person. I follow her blog every week since I read an article about her and women in the barista world.

Mariëlla, barista and blogger arrived in Barcelona from Holland. In his blog "the exploring barista" and also on his YouTube channel, of the same name, he talks about his day to day in Barcelona, ​​the nearby towns, trips, food and especially coffee and coffee shops.

This 2018 she has taken one more step in her life and works as a freelance, training and consultant barista.

Francisco is the master roaster of Nømad and a great professional who left me pleasantly surprised with his brazilian blend, which he took in 18gr dry espresso and 32gr cup.
I invite you to participate in a coffee tasting at Aquíares Coffee Community, Cartago, Costa Rica.

Nømad Coffee has three spaces in Barcelona:

. ROASTERS 'HOME. Carrer de Pujades, 95 08005 Barcelona
. CØFFEE LAB & SHOP. Passatge Sert, 12 08003 Barcelona
. CADA DIA. Carrer Joaquín Costa 26 08001 Barcelona

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