After a long time, sharing on platforms such as facebook or Instagram what is happening in my day to day, my experiences with coffee, the places I visit and the people I am getting to know, it is time to take a step forward, follow growing, sharing and recording everything in the form of a blog.

Blómasetrið – Kaffi Kyrrð

Borgarnes is only 60 kilometers up north of Reykjavík, on the Borgarfjörð coast.
Settlement of the famous Egill saga and village where the cozy cafe Kaffi Kyrrð is located, an oasis on my trips between Snaefells and Reykjavik, is in turn a florist and gesthouse in the same building.

A special place full of magic and tranquility where time stops.

“We offer you a pause from the hectic big city life and our goal is to make your stay in Borgarnes as pleasant as possible.”
Blómasetrið – Kaffi Kyrrið

In the lower part of the house, as soon as you enter, you will find the florist, the gift shop and the cafe. The space dedicated to the cafe has two spacious lounges with armchairs and low tables where you can enjoy the coffees, cakes and sandwiches that you can find in their menu.
Walls full of pictures and shelves full of books and various art forms that embrace you warmly.
The cafe gives way to a privileged terrace that, when the weather permits, is the best place to enjoy the sun’s rays.

On the top floor is the guesthouse that has three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and terrace.

But above all the soul of this place is the family that gives a warm welcome to all who visit them.
My heart keeps wonderful moments in Kaffi Kyrrð chatting with Katrín, daughter the owner, about coffee and life while drinking sip to sip the wonderful cafes that she prepares so fondly.
Katrín was the one who presented me the Bulletproof Coffee, to which we will dedicate a complete entry to know where, how and when of this preparation.


Kaffi Kyrrð
Skúlagata 13, Borgarnes